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&nbsp The direction and resources DMD Dental provides have been extremely successful, and they have managed to take our business and advertising to the top! &nbsp
Randy Smith, DDS

KEEP IT SIMPLE - We Get Your Website to the TOP

Having a website without optimization is like having a billboard in your basement, nobody will see it unless you personally invite them downstairs.When potential patients compare local dentists, they ALWAYS search for a dentist online first, even if they were given a referral from a friend, people search online becauseit's free. If you're not at the top of the search list and if your website isn't implyamazing, you will lose to a competing dentist every time.

Online Marketing Strategy

It’s reported that there over 150,000 online searches from people who are searching for a dentist in their area of residency. When a potential patient searches for a dentist, do they find you or another dentist?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Think of SEO as growing an organic plant. You plant the seed, give it light, water, and keep the weeds out. You nurture it and it produces fruit. Please keep in mind SEO is most effective as a monthly, weekly and even daily maintenance practice, where best results are acquired based on persistence and not a one-time build out.